I'm a concept tool maker deck konami code

This is a game for Makers
A simple and yet very powerful concept
3 types of cards and endless combinations to spark projects, solve problems or have fun!


From failures to successes, technological startups have devised methods to run, experiment, and grow, that can be applied by the maker to his projects.


Digital, mechanical, electronic, from traditional tinkering to digital fabrication, the maker's tools are powerful, easy to use, and efficient.


Whether he's trying to build an object or a startup, the maker often needs the help of various heroes, whose diverse skills allow to address any challenges.

The cards

Me too!

If you want to test the game, the Maker's deck is available for download, ready for your home printer

I wanna play!
You want to create your own cards and rules, share your ideas and take part in the project? It's here!

I'm taking part!
Your preference goes to a physical deck of cards, carefully prepared for you with love? It's right there!

Coming soon!